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Clean up and keep clean

Cleaning is never easy. Cleaning a business is even harder. Cleaning an office which is a lot of walk-ins, a warehouse or a store is even more complicated and involving. This page is dedicated to help you to keep your working space clean. Following is a collection of tips that help you to make your working environment as pleasant as possible between the cleaning crew visits.

The right restroom paper products

When selecting paper products for a property's restroom, there are three key issues to consider: (1) maintenance requirements, (2) traffic, and (3) the property image. Is the restroom in a Class A building or a high-traffic location visited by a large numbers of people? Does it require frequent maintenance? These are just some of the questions to ask before making a products purchasing decision


How important is the restroom's appearance to building management? It is a key concern, look for products that make a best impression on visitors. This involves selecting products that are not only attractive looking, but also reliable - such as folded towel systems that dispense properly, without tabbing or tearing.
You may also want to consider purchasing dispensers that coordinate with the decor of the washroom. Look for aesthetically pleasing dispensers with decorate strips that enhance the washroom's image.
Remember, too, that names do matter. Surveys have shown that people overwhelmingly prefer brand-name products when away from house. Select well-known products to help create a feeling of home-like comfort for restroom visitors. And don't forget that little touches can go a long way. Extra amenities, such as hand lotion or a facial tissue, can increase tenant satisfaction.
Maintenance:What are the maintenance needs of the restroom?  Is it a high-traffic location that requires constant cleaning and restocking?  If so, consider these options.


High capacity roll towel systems. Dispensing problems with folded hand towels can create problems for any restroom, especially those that are heavily trafficked.  Cleaning up the “tabbing” mess created by poor dispensing means more labor time and potentially more complaints from tenants  Poor dispensing can also lead to increased towel consumption and the need to refill dispensers more frequently, which impacts labor costs.


High capacity roll towel can help.  Roll towel systems offer controlled dispensing and cut down dramatically on waste and consumption.  They can also last longer, which means less time spent refilling dispensers.  Today, there is a longer-lasting roll towel, which, through a new technology, offers 25 percent more feet on a single roll than the popular 800-ft. towels without increasing roll diameter.  Because it provides more towel product on a single roll, it can help reduce supply run-out and help reduce maintenance time too.  With more feet per roll, this towel also increases available storage space.


Bathroom Tissue.  For quick maintenance restrooms, it’s important to have a bathroom tissue product that won’t run out frequently and require continuous restocking.  A jumbo roll system provides high capacity and can reduce maintenance time.  Another option is a quick maintenance, cost-effective system that provides individual, high-quality, two-ply bathroom tissue sheets in an attractive high-capacity dispenser.  These systems can hold the equivalent of up to five standard bathroom tissue rolls.  They also require less maintenance and fewer trips to service the dispenser.


Durability:Some restrooms, such as those in high-traffic locations, can suffer abuse from rough treatment of dispensers-from jammed levers to cigarette burns.  For these areas, there are special towel and bathroom tissue dispensers designed to withstand the rigors of vandalism and abuse.  One option is an ABS plastic, double-thick walled construction dispenser with a contoured design and no hard corners.  This type of product can withstand greater impact and force if grabbed or hit.  Because it is rounded, it is less likely to serve as a resting place for cigarettes-reducing the risk of burn marks.  Dispensers like these also feature licking mechanism.  Plastic dispensers also won’t dent like stainless steel.


Hygiene and Sanitation:No matter what type of restroom you are dealing with, cleaningness and sanitation should always be a primary importance.  Surveys conducted by Opinion Research Corporation International for Kimberly-Clark Corporation have found that restroom hygiene is a key concern for people when they are away from home.  In a survey, 71 percent of respondents said it was extremely important to them to find a clean restroom at work or at another place away from home.  In another, more than half the responders said they avoid touching dispensers, handles and other surfaces and worry about contracting germs from dirty public restrooms.


In addition to doing everything possible to keep the restroom clean, you can purchase products to help create a more hygienic environment.  Enclosed bathroom tissue systems protect bath tissue from dirt and moisture and reduce the potential for cross-contamination.  Towel systems that dispense properly, without tearing or bunching, help reduce litter in the restroom, which can convey the appearance of an unsanitary restroom.


No-touch and low-touch systems can also help create a more hygienic restroom environment.  Low-touch products include enclosed bathroom tissue and paper towel systems that enable users to touch only the product they will be using.  Many of these systems can also help avoid run-out and can be installed without changing your existing dispensers via easy-to-use retrofitting equipment provided by the manufacturer.


Poorly functioning soap systems can also make a restroom appear unsanitary, despite the best efforts of cleaning personnel.  Watery, leaky systems can leave a mess in sinks and on counters.  Make sure to use a soap system that doesn’t clog or leak and dispenses a high quality, thick soap.  Here, too, no-touch or low-touch systems can be used to help prevent the spread of germs via cross-contamination.  For quick-maintenance restrooms, choose high capacity or dual cartridge soap systems.


Lighten and Brighten:After you’ve selected the paper products for the restroom, you can do a few more things to make the restroom shine.  Paint the walls and install proper lighting.  Consider purchasing graffiti resistant to deter unsightly scribbles.  This will all make tenants feel safer, discourage vandalism and littering, and make the restroom a cleaner, brighter more attractive place.


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